Available Puppies

*Listed below are all our currently available puppies. When a puppy becomes unavailable, we will remove them from this page as soon as we can. This page will be updated regularly.
~All puppies leave here with:
  -Microchip (You must register the ID#)
  -All required puppy shots and vaccinations
  -Puppy De-wormings
  -Puppy crate (only when shipped via airlines)
  -1 Year Health Guarantee
  -Spay/Neuter Contract (No breeding rights)
~Shipping via Delta Cargo airlines is available for everyone within the continental US. ($350 USD charge)
-Please refer to each puppy by their given nickname when contacting us.

Name: Morava
Gender: male 
Color: Piebald
Eyes: left blue, right brown
Estimated size:12-15 pounds
Price:$2,000 (neuter contract)

Name: Neva
Gender: male 
Color: Black/white husky
Eyes: brown
Estimated size:12-15 pounds
Price:$2,200 (neuter contract)

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