Hello and welcome to our page! For those of you who are newcomers, let us introduce oureselves. We are a hardworking family in the state of Wisconsin, who are dedicated to sharing the joys of beautiful pomskies with the world! Please explore our page and feel free to contact us with any questions!
~The Pomsky Perfection Team

News and Announcements
-Enjoy the wonderful spring

-Our Facebook page will no longer have individual puppies posted when they're available due to disorganization and confusion within the Facebook page. We will continue to announce new litters to be posted and we'll continue to share fun pictures on our Facebook page.
~Pomsky Perfection


Our Family

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Available Puppies
We have litters of puppies available all throughout the year and strive to find them the best homes possible. Check out our regularly updated page displaying all available puppies and find the puppy of your dreams today!
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Our Family
Each of our dogs are loved members of our family. We train our dog team for several activities such as skijoring, dogsledding, and hunting. We pride ourselves on the quality care, time, work, and the training that our dogs receive.
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Contact Us
Have questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us via our contact form, via email, or via phone (call or text). We look forward to hearing from you!

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Past Puppies

Adult Past Puppies
We've had the pleasure of seeing many beautiful litters of puppies go to their new forever homes. We're delighted to be able to show you our old pictures along with new pictures of them in their homes!

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Featured Past Puppies
Here you'll find our newest additions to the past puppies pages. New pictures and testimonials sent to us will appear on this page first!

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Reflection of Perfection
Our "Reflection of Perfection" pages consist of collages and pictures that we have saved of our past puppies while we were still caring for them!

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